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Hurricane Preparation Tips

5 Insurance Tips for Hurricane Season

1. Review Your Insurance Policy

Better understand the coverages you have purchased by thoroughly reading through your policy. 

2. Complete a Household Inventory

Speed up your claims processing after a storm by documenting the contents of your home. Document your inventory by creating a list of your belongings and their estimated value. Creating an inventory can be as simple as writing it down with a pen and paper, or by taking pictures and videos with your smartphone. Be sure to keep more than one copy of your inventory, and place it in a secure location.

3. Store Your Important Documents in a Safe and Dry Place

Keep your insurance policies and other important documents in waterproof packaging. Included in those documents should be your  home insurance policy number as well as the  claims number. 

4. Prepare Your Property Now

Consider your home's vulnerability to damages caused by wind, storm surge, and flooding. Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid major repairs if a hurricane or storm were to make landfall. 

5. Develop an Emergency Pan Well in Advance of a Storm

Take necessary precautions to protect yourself, your family, and your property by developing an emergency plan. Establish a safe meeting place and develop several escape routes to get there. If you must evacuate, be sure to shut off your electricity and lock up all doors and windows.

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